Business Intelligence

In a world of uncertainty, complexity and competition, how do you ensure success? How do you draw insights from information? How do you turn data into decisions and use it to your advantage? How do you convert business obstacles to better business outcomes? Business Intelligence is the answer and VGS BI is the solution.

Besides common functions of business intelligence like reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining and predictive analytics, our BI suite can be extended, customized further.

Our best of breed approach gives us unparalleled insight into the BI ecosystem and can navigate the complexity of choices. Our strategic partnerships with all the major BI vendors helps us take an objective view of what makes sense to the client.

With the the right BI in place, customers get access to better reporting, dashboards, scorecards, what-if analysis, predictive analytics, and more. Our BI helps support the way people think, work and collaborate as they search for the answers to three questions: How are we doing? Why? What should we be doing? And by helping business users transform their decision making by providing fact-based, quality information regardless of where the data resides, everyone succeeds.

With our BI solutions, you can..

  • Enhance cost-efficiency and productivity
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Optimize revenue-generating strategies
  • Monitor trends and discover anomalies
  • Forecast business opportunities
  • Define, plan, and align performance goals and metrics
  • Become proactive not reactive
  • Balance risks and opportunities
  • Collaborate and take coordinated action on the best decision
  • Integrate information from your finance, operations and transactional apps